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how we establish our employee-focused work culture

Our people are the core of SecurAmerica. We don’t produce a product, we deliver  Legendary Service that would be impossible without our team.

We recognize that the security industry is flawed: Rather than focusing on the security officers many contract security companies are more focused on numbers, growth, or simply hiring just to fill a post. That’s why our industry has earned a reputation for mediocre service and poor employee retention. In an effort to disrupt this norm, we recruit candidates based on the specific factors at each account to ensure that we’re setting you up for success and providing you with a fulfilling work environment.

When SecurAmerica was founded, we not only wanted to be a trailblazer in the security industry, we also wanted to exceed expectations for our employees. That’s why we allocate a large amount of attention and resources on building an employee-focused culture that celebrates your performance and treats you with respect, dignity, and professionalism.

At the foundation of our culture are basic perks such as competitive pay and a comprehensive health insurance program. We take the commitment to our employees a step further with other initiatives that are unique to the security industry. Here’s how we go above and beyond to ensure employee satisfaction and retention levels.


How you treat employees is rooted in the success of the company. Our leadership team values our officers in the same way we value our customers and we strive to demonstrate that through our employee recognition program. We proudly acknowledge employees on a routine basis for demonstrating their commitment to providing Legendary Service.

For example, if we see an officer who is excelling in their role, they might receive an on-the-spot award. This could be a coffee, a gift card, or simply just a positive exchange. The Service Excellence Award recognizes an officer for consistent exemplary performance. This could be for success factors such as perfect attendance, excellent working knowledge, or a compliment from a customer. This cash award comes with a certificate that’s cosigned by our COO and Vice President and customized based on the specific achievement. Lastly, our Legendary Service Award is the highest honor given to officers who demonstrate true acts of valor in the line of duty.

Ongoing recognition, both big and small, is key to fostering an employee-focused work culture. Our management understands that it’s just as important to recognize the good as it is to identify the mistakes or infractions in order to cultivate a well-rounded team.

Trust Through Transparency

Traditionally in the security industry, employees have a negative association with management because they exclusively receive negative reinforcement. Eagle-eyed patrol inspectors will monitor job sites in secret with the intent of quality control, creating an atmosphere of distrust and resentment toward leadership.

Our goal is to shift the perception to cultivate a balanced relationship by providing both positive and negative reinforcement. While on-the-spot corrections are important for overall performance, we give feedback gracefully with the intent to help you vs. simply call out infractions to deliver disciplinary action. We also foster an open line of communication where employees feel comfortable and confident to come forward with questions or concerns.

We have built a formal process for surveying the team and ensuring a transparent workplace. It’s a leader’s responsibility to earn the trust of the team and that’s dependent upon how we treat your employees.


Frequent interaction with our team is an important pillar of our employee-focused work culture. Whether that’s recognizing a birthday, rewarding legendary performance, saying thank you, or other forms of acknowledgment, an engaging culture makes employees feel valued and results in loyalty to the company. We attribute our high retention to being a company that truly cares about and values our employees.

One way we stay engaged with our officers is through our 0400 Blitz visits. These drop-ins happen quarterly when senior leadership members will visit the team in the early hours to celebrate them, take selfies, and foster camaraderie.

We find ways to demonstrate that we sincerely care for the welfare and happiness of every employee. Our leadership team is committed to helping officers build a rewarding career at SecurAmerica. Whether you stay with us for six months or six years, we want you to enthusiastically say that this was the best company culture you’ve ever experienced.

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