October 2020

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-: Oct, 2020 / Luke Lindahl

Potential Post-Election Protest Activity

SPECIAL EDITION OF SECURALERT Potential Post-Election Protest Activity October 27, 2020 In light of several indications of possible post-election protests and civil unrest next week, this Special ...
-: Oct, 2020 / John Garrigan

halloween safety during covid-19

This issue of SecurAlert taps some of the nation’s leading experts and informational websites to provide some great tips on how to enjoy a fun, spooky time at Halloween while helping keep the ...
-: Oct, 2020 / Katherine Maddux

6 Soft Skills That We Value at SecurAmerica

While hard skills like your education, experience, and credentials might get your foot in the door, your soft skills are the differentiators in providing Legendary Service. Soft skills are traits ...