-: Oct 05, 2020 / Katherine Maddux

6 Soft Skills That We Value at SecurAmerica

If we asked your friends or family to describe you, what would they say? They most likely would not start by listing bullet points from your resume. Instead, they might share character traits like kindness, a sense of humor, loyalty, generosity, etc. That’s because the qualities that make us truly shine as individuals are intrinsic.

The same can be said about your value as an employee. While hard skills like your education, experience, and credentials might get your foot in the door, your soft skills are the differentiators in providing Legendary Service. Soft skills are traits that impact your ability to work and interact with others. At SecurAmerica, we are confident that we can teach you the hard skills during our comprehensive training, but the soft skills that you bring to the team are what make us the best security provider our customers have ever worked with.

Let’s explore some of the strongest soft skills that are success factors for a role at SecurAmerica.

1. Customer Service and Engagement

Our clients are not only expecting to receive exceptional security services, but they are also investing in a positive customer experience. SecurAmerica officers are not stereotypical “guards.” They are amicable people who serve and protect their assigned post. That’s why customer service and engagement comes in at number one on our list. Natural customer service skills are difficult to teach. Simple gestures like remembering names and delivering a friendly greeting can go a long way to brighten someone’s day.

Staying engaged with the environment also contributes to being an attentive officer. By consistently interacting with the people and surroundings, officers are able to keep a pulse on important security details. Intentional customer service and quality security go hand in hand.

2. Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills like empathy, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence contribute directly to your role as an officer. Most positions involve frequent interaction with both teammates and customers. It’s important to be able to work well with the people around you, but there’s no college degree in teamwork; it has to be learned through experience. If you thrive in collaborative environments, this quality will go a long way in your future at SecurAmerica.

3. Communication

The ability to effectively communicate cannot be overstated. Communication involves both talking and listening. A good officer is able to deliver a message clearly, confidently, and respectfully. They should also be able to listen to feedback or instructions carefully. You’ve been honing in on your communication skills from the day you were born and it shows when officer candidates have invested the time and effort to become effective communicators.

4. Positive Work Ethic

No matter what line of work you’re in, not every day is easy. Some shifts will require more patience and positivity than others, but we expect all officers to arrive on time and stay focused throughout. There’s simply no substitute for a dependable teammate who shows up to work with determination and enthusiasm. While this is certainly a skill that can be built upon, it’s helpful to begin with the foundation of a strong work ethic from day one at SecurAmerica.

5. Time Management

Time management equates to efficiency in the workplace. It includes deliberate actions like organizing, delegating, prioritizing, and scheduling to contribute to an effective workflow. A security officer often has to balance a variety of objectives throughout the day. It’s essential to be able to manage your time wisely in order to complete your responsibilities. To some people, time management comes naturally and this is often a skill that’s taken for granted by senior leadership in some organizations—but not at SecurAmerica! We deeply value an employee’s ability to manage their time and will recognize and reward this skill.

6. Adaptability

Adaptability refers to your willingness to roll with the punches. Whether it’s an updated training manual, a modified procedure, or a new technology, things are always changing at SecurAmerica to enhance the customer and employee experience. In a fast-paced environment like our industry, being ready to pivot without letting change ruffle your feathers is advantageous. Are you flexible and willing to learn new things? Then this motivation will go a long way in your career at SecurAmerica.

If these skills resonate with you, then we encourage you to consider a career in the security industry. We offer a wide range of positions across a variety of different work environments that cater to your specific abilities. The technical skills and post requirements can be taught, but your soft skills will go a long way in helping us provide Legendary Service.

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