-: Nov 09, 2020 / Katherine Maddux

7 Ways to Have a Stellar First Week at SecurAmerica

Congratulations on your new role at SecurAmerica! We’re thrilled to welcome you to the team and give you the tools and knowledge you need to provide Legendary Service. Starting a new job can be intimidating, so don’t forget that your leaders are here to help you every step of the way. As you get acclimated to the company and your new coworkers, there are a few things you can do to ensure a successful first week. Every member of the SecurAmerica team was also new once. We’ve reflected on that experience to give you some helpful insight into how you can have a stellar first week as an officer in training.

1. Arrive on time for all scheduled training, professionally dressed, and ready to learn!

Punctuality, professionalism, and the will to learn will be essential during your first week and throughout your career at SecurAmerica. Showing up on time (or even better, showing up early) is an important habit to build. Tardiness is disrespectful to your fellow officers and simply not tolerated. We will provide you with tailored SecurAmerica uniforms, but it’s essential to show up on your first day dressed appropriately. Once you’re suited up, be ready to learn! Bring something to take notes with and an open mind.

2. Make the most of your initial On The Job Training (OJT) by taking notes and asking questions

As you start to orient yourself with your role at SecurAmerica, the On The Job Training (OJT) will be packed with valuable information. A detailed OJT checklist is created for each post and used to facilitate the training process. Following the list will ensure that you cover all aspects of your responsibilities and duties consistently and efficiently. Use this checklist as an outline for your notes. If any questions arise, don’t hesitate to contribute to the training by asking questions and engaging with your supervisor!

3. Embrace the concept of providing Legendary Service

Our Legendary Service sets us apart from other security providers. Everything we do is centered around exceeding our customers’ expectations. As an officer, you should aim to be hyperfocused on service excellence and attention to detail. Take the time to learn about your post and its customers. If you make a mistake, that’s OK! Find a way to fix the problem as soon as possible and hold yourself (and your teammates) accountable to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Above all, be responsive and engaging. Small gestures like courteous greetings, remembering someone’s name, or even a simple smile will go a long way!

4. Apply yourself to the position, and don’t hesitate to ask for extra training or help if you need it!

The SecurAmerica recruiting team recognized you because you have unique and valuable strengths to bring to the table. Be creative during your training and consider how you can apply those strengths to a new role. That being said, don’t hesitate to ask questions, especially if something is unclear or you’re wondering why a particular process is in place. Not only will asking questions help you gain clarity on your job requirements, but it will also help our leaders adapt to different learning styles and experience backgrounds. Asking questions helps us all ultimately improve. 

5. Study your Post Orders and use your Post Knowledge Test and Post Certification Exam as a way to test your learning and build competency

Your Post Orders will serve as the foundation for on-the-job, in-service, and emergency response training. These instructions will be specific to every aspect of the site where you’ll be providing coverage. Stick to your Post Orders like glue! This document is your recipe for success and will help you pass your initial Post Knowledge Test following your OJT training. The Post Knowledge Test includes multiple-choice and open-ended questions along with scenarios to assess your understanding of the Post Orders. Much like your driver’s license exam, this test will prepare you for real-life situations that you might encounter, so make sure you take the process seriously. Your trainer will address any incorrect questions, and you might be re-trained in certain areas to ensure you’re ready for solo duty. After you’ve successfully completed the OJT, the initial Post Knowledge Test, weekly performance evaluations for 30-days, and a final exam, you’ll receive your official Post Certification. Pat yourself on the back! This accomplishment means you are formally certified to work your assigned post.

6. Make a positive impression every time you meet someone new.

We have focused a large amount of attention and resources on building a work culture that celebrates our officers. We expect you to bring the same level of respect, dignity, and professionalism to your role. Whether you’re meeting a new teammate or a new customer, go out of your way to make a positive first impression. Be courteous, attentive, and use small talk to spark meaningful connections.

7. Become the security professional you want to be and potentially have a career in security

Whether you’ve had your sights set on SecurAmerica for a while now or found this position by chance, we’re so glad that you’re here. Now it’s time to show up for your role in a way that will make yourself proud. Your career is in your hands. There are many opportunities for growth within our industry, and you never know where your journey will take you. If you put in the work to provide Legendary Service, you’ll be rewarded and recognized for a job well done time and time again.

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