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What is Private Security?


What is Private Security?

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What is private security?
What is private security?

What is private security? Manned security guarding is a contracted service that recruits and trains individuals to become uniquely qualified security personnel to help safeguard the people, physical and intellectual assets of an organization. This service can also help identify security, safety, and fire hazards that could cause unwanted events to occur. This security industry sector provides uniformed officers to a wide variety of positions or “posts,” that accommodate diverse functions including patrol, concierge, command center monitoring, dock security, and special event coverage. Selecting a private security company should not be taken lightly. It’s crucial to find a company that can align with your unique business processes and adapt to changing requirements to reflect current events and anticipated trends.

What is Public Safety vs. what is Private Security?

In contrast to public safety/security, which is part of a government entity, private security services are more responsive and enforce the specific rules of a property or organization. Private security companies must adhere to state and local licensing and training requirements if these are in place. Private security takes a proactive approach to protect people and property, where public security is a reactive solution that responds after a threat to your security.

What should I look for in a private security company?

A wide array of industries can benefit from private security. If you have people or assets to protect, your business is likely the right candidate for a private security service, but how do you choose the best one? When vetting potential security partnerships, consider factors such as responsiveness, officer retention, personalized training, local connectivity, and threat monitoring tools.

If you are currently working with a private security company, keep an eye out for tenant, employee, and other stakeholder complaints, lack of responsiveness, poor officer engagement, and heavy turnover. These could all be warning signs that it’s time to explore a different option. Blatant red flags like these will not only impact your customer experience but could also compromise the safety and security of your people and assets thus increasing real or potential risk.

SecurAmerica’s Distinctly Different Solutions

What is private security?

As one of the country’s leading private security companies, SecurAmerica strives to be the best security service you’ve ever worked with through our high-touch customer service model. To encourage our team to deliver a superior level of customer service (or Legendary Service as we like to call it), we go above and beyond to establish a work culture that’s focused on taking care of our employees. We have a robust recruiting process and develop specialized training that’s unique to each post. SecurAmerica officers also enjoy on-going and formalized employee recognition, comprehensive benefits, and professional development opportunities. By taking care of our team first, we boast an impressive retention rate relative to our competitors in the security industry, and our team extends the same level of customer service to our clients and their customers.

The Future of Private Security – What is private Security? What is changing?

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The private security industry is continually evolving, especially amidst the uncertainty and threat of our current climate. Public safety agencies are seeing a record number of officers retiring or stepping down. These agencies have increasingly been challenged in identifying and hiring recruits with some departments having hundreds of vacancies. As a result, the demand for private security is increasing. Private security services and public safety agencies must work in tandem to protect people and property. 

What is private security doing to prepare?

The dramatic consequences of the pandemic and the recent social unrest have presented new challenges to anyone in the business of security and safety. With many properties unoccupied or operating at less capacity, there is a greater need for securing unattended property and assets. Pharmaceutical companies, medical offices, and storage facilities are also seeing a greater need for heightened security, especially as the COVID-19 vaccine distribution begins.

Social unrest has also exposed vulnerabilities in security services. The potential for violent gatherings assembling close to people’s homes or businesses is a genuine hazard. It’s essential that your private security company has a pulse (or situational awareness) on local activities and is poised to respond to any incoming threats. For example, the FBI recently issued an alert that the upcoming inauguration could be a significant catalyst for violence across the country. Your private security service should have an emergency action plan for any type of incident and a clear communication strategy in place to deliver that information to your customers.

What is private security?

Another rising trend in discovering what is private security is the push for hospitality. With more and more mixed-use environments popping up in urban areas, property managers are putting community engagement as a top priority when selecting a private security service. Security roles are expanding with a greater emphasis on customer service, requiring officers who fit the certification requirements and have a personality that can create meaningful connections with customers. 

We are proud members of IFMA and BOMA throughout the US and work closely with each local chapter to ensure our corporate security program meets the highest standards! We know what private security is, and how it should work.

Are you ready to upgrade your security to our standard of Legendary Service? Or are you still asking what is private security? Contact us to learn more about our premier security services.

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