What is private security?
-: Jan, 2021 / Sophie Duncan

What is Private Security?

As one of the country’s leading private security companies, SecurAmerica strives to be the best security service you’ve ever worked with through our high-touch customer service model.
Demonstration Security Services, Programs, and Solutions
-: Jan, 2021 / Sophie Duncan

Demonstration Security

Demonstration Security Tips for Businesses SPECIAL EDITION OF SECURALERT Potential Post-Election Results/Pre-Inauguration Business Security Alerts for Demonstrations January 7, 2021 In light of ...
Holiday Safety Tips
-: Dec, 2020 / Luke Lindahl

2020 Holiday securalert

Holiday Safety Tips from your family at SecurAmerica.
Thanksgiving Holiday Security SecurAlert
-: Nov, 2020 / Luke Lindahl

thanksgiving securalert

With such a beloved and highly anticipated holiday coming up under the dark shadow of COVID-19, we thought we would provide some helpful tips from many sources on how to keep safe and healthy as ...
-: Nov, 2020 / Katherine Maddux

7 Ways to Have a Stellar First Week at SecurAmerica

Congratulations on your new role at SecurAmerica! We’re thrilled to welcome you to the team and give you the tools and knowledge you need to provide Legendary Service.
Election Security - pre-election preparedness
-: Oct, 2020 / Luke Lindahl

Protest Security Alert – Potential Post-Election Protest Activity

-: Oct, 2020 / John Garrigan

halloween safety during covid-19

This issue of SecurAlert taps some of the nation’s leading experts and informational websites to provide some great tips on how to enjoy a fun, spooky time at Halloween while helping keep the ...
-: Oct, 2020 / Katherine Maddux

6 Soft Skills That We Value at SecurAmerica

While hard skills like your education, experience, and credentials might get your foot in the door, your soft skills are the differentiators in providing Legendary Service. Soft skills are traits ...
Custom Office Security Solutions
-: Sep, 2020 / Katherine Maddux

how we establish our employee-focused work culture

We take the commitment to our employees a step further with other initiatives that are unique to the security industry. Here’s how we go above and beyond to ensure employee satisfaction and ...
-: Sep, 2020 / John Garrigan

Cyber bullying during covid-19

As most parents know, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in kids and teens using digital platforms – both for personal reasons and educational purposes. This special edition ...