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SecurAmerica was founded in 2005 on the premise that all contract security companies operate the same way, hire from the same labor pool and deliver the same mediocre results to their customers.  The industry needed a real, viable option and we intended to provide it.  Our business model is based on the delivery of responsive, legendary service; the selection of bright, engaged service professionals who work for a company that really cares about them and, at the end of the day, the deployment of an operating model based on service excellence that really shows measurable value to our customer’s business and their stakeholders.

We are proud to be American-owned and operated and a privately held company.  This allows us to make the right decisions for our customers and employees that are based on their needs and not what a Wall Street analyst might think.  We are not dominated by global conglomerates that provide a “one size fits all” approach to the business and provide a wide range of creative value-added services that are specifically designed to enhance the brand of our customers.

How to Choose a Security Guard Company

Delivering Legendary Service

We are fixated on service excellence. Our recruiting, background investigation and selection process, training programming, account documentation, quality assurance process and operational performance metrics are created and driven based on exceeding our customers’ expectations. This level of detail has resulted in high customer and employee satisfaction and retention ratings

Unparalleled Level of Responsiveness

We learn about our customer’s business – its culture, needs, issues, nuances and philosophy and then integrate this into our business processes. We recruit and select only those candidates who reflect what’s important at our client’s sites and who embrace the values of our company and our client’s company. When there is a service issue, we immediately respond, hold people accountable, fix the problem and then determine its root cause so it doesn’t happen again. Our mission is to provide responsive and legendary service!

Taking Care of Our People

People are our product. We don’t make computers, we don’t make water bottles, we don’t produce equipment or material – we provide people to our customers so that our people, in turn, will provide spirited and responsive legendary service.

When SecurAmerica was founded in 2005, we not only wanted to be a different company for our customers and the security industry, we also wanted to be a different company for our employees. That’s why SecurAmerica has focused a large amount of attention and resources in building a work culture that celebrates the performance of our officers and treats them with respect, dignity and professionalism. We treat our associates as valued customers and that is reflected in the Legendary Service they provide our clients every shift, every day.

SecurAmerica was founded on the principle that the security industry is flawed. Rather than a true focus on the security officers who comprise the industry, many contract security companies are more focused on making bottom line numbers, expanding their business no matter the type of business they enter, or hiring a “warm body” to fill a post. That’s why our industry has earned a reputation of service mediocrity, annual contract bidding, and dismal employee retention rates

Giving Your Options Back

While our competitors offer inferior products and “one-size-fits-all” service, we seek to understand our customer’s business-related needs and create unique service solutions that reflect these requirements. Using our Client Culture Audit, for instance, we identify the key characteristics that reflect your unique culture and the specific security needs at your site(s). We then translate these into a customized recruiting profile and behavioral interview questions that ensure a match between your organization and our officers.This cultural match yields greater customer satisfaction, improves officer retention and loyalty, and strengthens your security program.

Trend #1 – Consolidation

America may be the land of opportunity, but companies searching for contract security services find their options limited today. In this era of security company consolidation, large European corporations have acquired many American-owned companies; as these American-owned companies have disappeared, so, too, has the American style of personal, customer-focused service for which they were known. Gone as well is that unique understanding of the American security market that only experienced American security professionals have. Impersonal service and “one-size-fits-all” solutions have become the norm, the only option.

Trend #2 – Public Ownership

In addition to the trend away from American ownership, the industry has also experienced a decline in the number of significant privately-held security companies. Today, shareholders, not customers, are the chief influence on security companies’ financial and service standards. Shareholder return and the bottom line have become the driving force in the industry, while customer service and employee training and retention have taken a back seat.

Trend #3 – Limited Options

As a contract security customer, the trends toward consolidation and public ownership truly limit your security options. In return for your security dollars, you receive inferior products, impersonal service, poorly trained officers, and high turnover. Your security program suffers, as does the safety of the people and properties you are charged to protect.

You deserve much more from your contract security provider, and SecurAmerica delivers. SecurAmerica was founded to give you back your options in the contract security market

Don’t settle for the impersonal service, “one-size-fits-all” products, and poorly trained officers offered by the contract security industry today. Instead, choose the personalized service, customized solutions, and well trained and motivated personnel that only SecurAmerica can offer. We can bring a new dimension to your security program, increase the safety of your facilities and, ultimately, create a feeling of greater security and satisfaction among your own employees and visitors.

American Owned / Privately Held

SecurAmerica is proud to be an American-owned company that understands that there is nothing more important than this nation’s homeland defense. This characteristic has become more and more unique over the past decade as an increasing number of regional and national American security services companies have been acquired by large, foreign-owned and operated conglomerates who offer detached, arrogant and impersonal services to their customers. Our security solutions are based on the values, culture, national pride and work ethic that have made this country so great.

We are also very proud to be a privately-held business. This means our decisions can be made based on needs and best interests of our people and our customers as opposed to what impact these decisions will have to a stock analyst. Our business model was created based on today’s customer and employee needs NOT tomorrow’s stock price or end of quarter earnings assessment.

Seamless Transition Process

Our commitment to provide responsive, legendary service begins prior to contract start-up.  SecurAmerica’s account-specific service parameters and quality standards are developed once a partnership agreement has been solidified.  During our transition period at a customer site, a customized service delivery plan is developed to include the following elements:

  • Building profile, nuances, tenant cultures and key focus areas
  • Employee selection criteria
  • Special training requirements and on-site training curriculum
  • Job responsibility/assessment
  • Post assignment orders and account/emergency procedures
  • Job Safety analysis
  • Establishment of quality benchmarks, evaluative metrics and corrective action processes
  • Written standards of performance and responsiveness targets (quality goals)
  • Strategic and tactical security issues and plan development
  • Technology Utilization Plan
  • Determination of assessment and feedback methods
  • Special client issues and requirements
  • Qualitative and quantitative reports as defined by the customer
  • Detailed transition plan and quality dashboard to track transition process, milestones and the voice of the customer

These initial Quality Standard Areas (QSA’s) are then integrated into all account processes for each building, site and property (selection, training, operations, support).  They are also used to create a set of measurable performance objectives for each level of personnel and for each post assignment that will be used in the performance review process.

SecurAmerica’s transition process is extremely methodical and includes meetings with each client and chief engineer to assess the service delivery method, current staff, training deficiencies, building/tenant nuances, unique security/safety/fire risks and overall feedback from the client on the state of the current program and the desired state of the security program once SecurAmerica assumes the services contract.  A detailed project plan is created for each client to include key activities, milestones, owners and due dates.   This plan is updated daily and weekly and provided to each client in a dashboard version focusing on key transitional activities and results.  We also create a customized and robust communication plan for the security staff and client so that both stakeholder groups are informed every step of the way as to our progress in transitioning the account.

Value Add Services

One of SecurAmerica’s key market differentiators is providing a clear and measurable value proposition to our clients, which helps reduce client risk, provide greater return to each billing dollar and create and deliver programs and services that go beyond the traditional manned security officer provider.

Many providers claim to provide value-added services but either include the costs of these services in the bill rate or later indicate these services, in order to be provided, must be billed on a pass through basis. Our value-add capabilities are provided with no direct or indirect cost to the client and include:

  • Building condition, safety, maintenance and janitorial inspections to identify:
    • Safety hazards

    • Engineering systems check and monitoring

    • Burned out lighting

    • Overgrown landscaping

    • Potential security risks

    • Equipment not operating properly

    • Office/common area cleanliness

    • Fire and life safety equipment not working properly

    • Fire extinguisher inspections

    • Anything that could have a negative image on the property’s overall look, safety and security

  • Employee educational sessions which are facilitated by SecurAmerica’s local security experts addressing a wide range of topics that can be taught via a web-based seminar or an instructor-led class (such as a “Lunch and Learn” monthly or quarterly program):
    • Crime prevention

    • Workplace violence

    • Active shooter

    • Suspicious activity/persons/package reporting

    • Office creeper

    • Laptop theft prevention

    • Home safety

    • Holiday safety

    • Child safety (stranger danger, internet safety, bullying)

    • Vehicle safety

    • Identity theft

    • Fire prevention, including training on the use of fire extinguishers

    • Terrorism awareness and preparation

    • Earthquake/wild fire preparedness

    • Severe weather preparedness

    • CPR/First aid/AED (for employees and their families; materials would incur a cost but not instruction)

    • Safe driver training (for adults and teens)

    • Executive security training (travel, driving, home, abroad)

    • Other client-specified training or topics of interest

  • Employee educational sessions which are facilitated by SecurAmerica’s local security experts addressing a wide range of topics that can be taught via a web-based seminar or an instructor-led class (such as a “Lunch and Learn” monthly or quarterly program)
  • Facilitation of a security/safety orientation for new client employees and vendors.
  • Coordination of site familiarization tours with local fire department and law enforcement.
  • Development of a fire warden training program which includes working with the local fire department in validating a site’s fire evacuation plan and conducting training for fire wardens and employees.
  • Management of security program components such as programming and issuance of access cards, coordination of system repairs/maintenance, conducting site physical vulnerability assessments and establishing close, working liaisons with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

We also have the capability to deliver a wide range of billable services over and above a site’s contract security needs including investigative, shuttle bus, locksmith, medical/chemical response, badge room and proprietary data collection services.

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Security Guard Company Services

  • Uniformed security officers
  • Lobby ambassador/concierge/guest services
  • Employee, dock and service entrance access control
  • Foot and mobile patrols
  • Patrol services
  • Medical, emergency and chemical response teams
  • Tenant/employee training
  • Special event coverage
  • Safety, security and property image inspections
  • Facility threat planning, response and mitigation
  • Locksmith, mail, shuttle and other support services
  • Investigations
  • Asset protection, workplace violence and fire/life safety program development and training
  • Security command center and alarm systems monitoring


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