Becoming a SecurAmerica Legend

We invest in our team, that’s what makes us different!

We recognize that we are only as good as our front line officers and the site security team. We know that if we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers!

It seems obvious, but in today’s mega security company world, not everyone understands this simple concept.

We get it, we do it, and it works.

Taking Care of Our People

People are our product. We don’t make computers, we don’t make water bottles, we don’t produce equipment or material – we provide people to our customers so that our people, in turn, will provide spirited and responsive legendary service.

When SecurAmerica was founded in 2005, we not only wanted to be a different company for our customers and the security industry, we also wanted to be a different company for our employees. That’s why SecurAmerica has focused a large amount of attention and resources in building a work culture that celebrates the performance of our officers and treats them with respect, dignity and professionalism. We treat our associates as valued customers and that is reflected in the Legendary Service they provide our clients every shift, every day.

SecurAmerica was founded on the principle that the security industry is flawed. Rather than a true focus on the security officers who comprise the industry, many contract security companies are more focused on making bottom line numbers, expanding their business no matter the type of business they enter, or hiring a “warm body” to fill a post. That’s why our industry has earned a reputation of service mediocrity, annual contract bidding, and dismal employee retention rates.


Because our employee retention is extremely high at all of our locations, we do not experience frequent openings. When additional personnel are needed, however, we recruit from a variety of sources including:

  •, Career Builder, and other internet job sites
  • Social networking sites
  • Local advertisements
  • Job fairs
  • Military and veteran organizations
  • Customer service industry, including concierge and hotels
  • State and local unemployment offices

But the best source of recruiting is our own employees! Nationwide, over a third of new hired security officers come from referrals by their friends and family members who already work for SecurAmerica – nearly 40%! Under our referral bonus program, an employee who refers a job candidate who is selected by SecurAmerica receives a $100 employee referral bonus after the new employee’s 90 day anniversary with the company.

Unlike other companies in our industry, we recruit officer candidates based on the specific success factors at each account (including the customer’s culture, contract specifications/requirements, security department key result areas and position expectations) the individual site where the candidate will work and the post to which they will be assigned. This recruiting profile evaluates the following categories and assesses if each matches the assignment where the officer will work:

  • Work history
  • Work schedule, pay requirements
  • Personality traits and propensities
  • Success factors in previous jobs
  • Candidate’s likes/dislikes and motivators
  • Ability to support client’s culture
  • Ability to meet or exceed position requirements
  • Potential success barriers

Selection Process

SecurAmerica’s selection process includes the
following components:

  • Detailed pre-interview on-line questionnaire to initially assess candidate’s qualifications to fill position for which they want to be considered.
  • Comprehensive on-line application that solicits information on the candidate’s present and past employment, education, and military experience along with a listing of references.
  • Evaluation of the candidate’s appearance, dress, demeanor, communication skills, writing ability and professionalism.
  • All perspective employees must complete a 110-question assessment aimed at helping understand the operating style and thinking strategy of that particular potential hire. The assessment identifies an applicant’s level of responsibility, ability to be proactive, dependability, maturity and their interaction skills comparing these attributes against SecurAmerica’s ideal candidate profile for each client. We use this tool as one more method to match a candidate to a customer’s corporate culture so we can better support the unique nuances and requirements associated with it.
  • Multiple face-to-face interviews with the region’s human resources manager along with other SecurAmerica representatives such as the operations manager, account manager and regional vice president. These individuals will ask the candidate questions that are very specific to the post to which they will be assigned. The purpose of these interviews is to ensure that the candidate will be a perfect fit for the site and client. It is very important that the manager at the account for which the candidate is being considered interviews the candidate so that the manager “buys into” the hiring decision.
  • Additional interview with customer representatives, as requested
  • Seven-panel drug screen with independent laboratory confirmation of any positive results
  • Comprehensive background investigation

Background Investigation

All candidates for employment who have been given a conditional offer of employment are required to submit to the following background investigation that is conducted by an independent third-party background investigation company:

  • Social Security Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Validation of all addresses provided by candidate
  • 10 year federal, state and county criminal records check
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) checks
  • Reference checks
  • Registered sex offender check
  • Other checks as required by the client (such as credit check)

Employee-Focused Work Culture

We recognize that we are only as good as our front line officers and the site security team. We know that if we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers!

Our comprehensive health insurance program coupled with a robust employee recognition program and other unique benefits (that no other security company offers) have resulted in industry-leading employee retention and satisfaction levels. We genuinely care for the welfare and happiness of every employee and are committed to helping them build a very rewarding career with us. Whether an employee stays with us six months or six years, we want them to enthusiastically say that SecurAmerica was the best company they have ever worked for!

Service Excellence Award

SecurAmerica proudly recognizes security officers and supervisors on a monthly or quarterly basis for demonstrating their commitment to provide legendary service to the customers they serve.

Qualifications for Award Consideration include:

  • Perfect attendance throughout the month; no call-offs or no shows.
  • Consistent level of professionalism displayed at all times, including perfect appearance and a helpful, cooperative and positive demeanor
  • Excellent working knowledge of site and post
  • Demonstrated actions associated with a specific incident that went above and beyond the call of duty or exhibited actions associated with delivering a high level of customer service to the client
  • Customer or SecurAmerica commendation/recognition

Awardees receive the following:

  • $50 gift card and framed award certificate
  • Recognition at the site and regional levels
  • Site award ceremony with SecurAmerica and customer representative, if available
  • Their name on a plaque that has been installed at each site
  • Additional points toward 110% Club membership

110% Club

All full-time and part-time associates who are assigned to work at a SecurAmerica account site are awarded points each month over a 12-month period by their respective supervisor, based on their performance in the following categories: attendance, punctuality, appearance/image, work quality, use of SecurAmerica’s automated e-learning training platform and customer/SecurAmerica commendations. Performance points are awarded based on a specific set of measurable criteria identified for each performance category.

Associates who earn 110 points over the 12-month period become members of SecurAmerica’s prestigious 110% Club and receive a 110% Club pin along with a 110% Club Award Certificate from SecurAmerica’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Thomas Givens.

Associates who are among the top 10% point earners within their region, are invited to attend a gala awards banquet in their honor.  At this event, these “Star Performers” receive a specially designed “Star Performer” pin, award trophy, certificate and gift card worth $110.  Each awardee is individually recognized at this banquet where a customized PowerPoint presentation spotlighting their commitment to Legendary Service is shown.  The Star Performer who has earned the most points within their region will also receive a cash award of $250 and a special “Legendary Service” award plaque at the awards program.

Master Security Professional (MSP) Designation

This program is tied to encourage use of SecurAmerica’s computer-based training and was developed to support our mission to deliver “legendary service” to our customers – service that is memorable, responsive and at a professional level that exceeds the expectations of the many people and businesses we serve on a daily basis.

As part of the MSP program, SecurAmerica created a learning and employee development initiative aimed at making a wide range of computer-based learning programs available to our officers, supervisors and account managers.  Those employees, who complete one or more courses, receive various incentives and rewards, including public recognition, bonus points for 110% Club membership and, ultimately, earn certification as a Master Security Professional or “MSP.”  MSP designations result in the designee receiving a personalized recognition letter from Thomas Givens, SecurAmerica’s president and chief operating officer, a gold lapel pin, a certificate, recognition at the site and national level and 8 points toward 110% Club designation.

The MSP designation varies by position and occurs when certain training and educational milestones are achieved within an established timeframe.  The computer-based programs that MSP candidates will be able to access are fun, interactive and contain the latest industry information on physical security, life safety and risk management concepts!

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