Security Guard Training Program

Philosophy and Approach

SecurAmerica’s philosophy in developing and deploying the capabilities of our personnel at a client site is centered on learning not training.  Training is a mechanical activity that fails to assess the results associated with it; learning is a dynamic process where information and skills are delivered to our people in a manner that maximizes the retention and application of this information and skills to real, on-the-job situations.  Anyone can attend training, but how much the student has learned and can apply without error is the value-add associated with a learning-centered organization and ultimately reflected in the energetic service levels that our officers provide.

SecurAmerica’s approach to security training is very different than our competitors.  Rather than delivering generic training to new security guards who will be assigned to work at a variety of accounts in a wide range of vertical markets or requiring new officers to sit and watch an endless series of outdated videos, SecurAmerica has developed a very customized curriculum specifically created to address the needs, challenges and situations that are unique to the specific security guard market and account where a new officer will be assigned.

We also believe in instructor led security courses that allow a high level of interaction among the security guards and instructors that provide a critical opportunity to assess the new guard’s potential abilities in the areas of communications, thinking and service excellence.  That’s why every one of SecurAmerica’s security branch offices is equipped with a state-of-the-art training facility that is staffed by a full-time professional training staff.

As a learning organization, SecurAmerica is committed to error-free and value-added performance at every service interaction and at every level of our organization.  The measure of our success in maintaining industry-leading customer retention levels and consistently high customer satisfaction scores is rooted in our robust and multi-tiered training programming, which includes:

  • Instructor-led pre-hire training academy
  • Detailed, customized and comprehensive post orders
  • Structured On-the-Job training process
  • Initial post certification test
  • Weekly performance reviews tied to post performance
  • Final post certification examination
  • Final post certification
  • On-going/annual/in-service training
  • SecurAmerica Interactive Learning System (“SAILS”)
  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation

Pre-Hire Training

All SecurAmerica security officer candidates MUST attend SecurAmerica’s orientation and pre-hire training program BEFORE they are officially employed by us.  In fact, this training is still considered a part of the pre-employment process and a formal job offer can only be made subject to the successful completion of this training.  The completion of state training, possession of a valid security officer license or previous training received through a competitor cannot be used to circumvent this training.

SecurAmerica’s pre-hire training curriculum is designed to provide our security officers with a well-rounded foundation of the technical and communicative skills required to succeed as service-oriented security professionals. Curriculum is based on the latest asset protection source material available. The program is taught by our own certified instructor(s) and extensively uses scenarios and class participation to gauge understanding of subject and concept.

While other security providers rely exclusively on e-learning and videos as a primary method of instruction, SecurAmerica believes that instructor-led training, particularly in a pre-hire and pre-site deployment setting, is essential in delivering the maximum learning experience for participants. This method of instruction also plays a critical role in assessing the communication skills, attitude, reliability and overall demeanor of the new officer and, as such, serves as a final element of our selection process.

Instructor-led pre-hire classroom training exceeds state licensing standards and includes (at a minimum) the following core subject areas:

  • Company Overview and Performance Expectations
  • The Private Security Industry in the US
  • Legal Authority of a Private Security Officer
  • Physical Security Concepts
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Respect in the Workplace
  • Emergency Response: General Concepts
  • Report Writing
  • Delivering Legendary Customer Service
  • Conclusion and summary

All officer candidates attending the pre-hire training program will be required to complete and pass (at 80%) a 50 question closed book examination covering the material.

Post Orders

Training at a site and the operational excellence of its security staff is in large measure based on the quality and completeness of site post orders.  Post orders also serve as the foundation for on-the-job, in-service and emergency response training and provide a means to avoid, mitigate and defend liability claims.

The post orders written by other security companies are, quite frankly, abysmal.  Many times these documents are outdated, copied off the page and are poorly organized and, as a result, not used.  In some cases, information about the previous security company is still listed in the document!  And in almost every case they are too generic and fail to capture and discuss key building and site information such as fire and life safety systems.

SecurAmerica invests significant time in learning every aspect of the site where we will be providing security coverage.  This process includes conducting a detailed floor-by-floor walk through of each building with engineering and property management staff in order to construct a comprehensive post orders document that will serve as the basis of superior on-the-job and in-service training.  We also spend time at each post and learn each piece of security and life safety equipment and, if necessary, write standard operating procedures on how each component works. And finally, we work with each security officer in learning what they do from THEIR perspective and ask them to review the operating documentation related to their post.

SecurAmerica’s post orders are divided into ten major sections that include the following:

  • Building/Property Overview, including customer brand, mission and values and how the officer can support them
  • General Responsibilities and Performance Expectations
  • Post duties (shift and post)
  • Patrol – areas of focus; what to look for; site risks, detailed patrol checklist; documentation
  • Fire and Life Safety Systems – types, operation
  • Security and Building Support Systems – types, operation
  • Building Security Policies and Procedures
  • Reports, Forms, Logs
  • Keys and Equipment
  • Emergency Procedures and Emergency Contact List

Post orders are written in easy to understand language with heavy use of bullets and information in outline form to facilitate use and comprehension.  Feedback from management, engineering and security is integrated into the final version of each post operating manual with frequent updates and information validation.

On-the-Job Training

All SecurAmerica officers are required to satisfy minimum on-the-job (OJT) standards (based on sophistication of post and individual client requirements) using SecurAmerica’s structured and documented on-the-job training methodology.

For each post, a detailed OJT checklist is created and used to facilitate a new officer’s training at the account.  Each post uses a checklist that is customized for the post and site using SecurAmerica’s base template.  The checklist is used to ensure all aspects of an officer’s responsibilities and duties are covered in a consistent manner and within the proscribed time frame as specified by the client.  The checklist is used by the designated officer trainer and covers the following learning categories:

  • Post description
  • Account overview
  • Key duties and responsibilities
  • Customer priorities and “hot buttons”
  • Post-related equipment/usage
  • Customer service
  • Access control (if applicable for that post)
  • Fire, life safety and building support systems and equipment
  • Security
  • Emergency procedures
  • Safety
  • General
    • Reports, logs, forms
    • Communications protocols
    • Work schedule
    • Time sheet
    • Client policies
    • Appearance standards
  • Detailed site/building tour and familiarization
  • Demonstrations (of equipment, duties)
  • Scenarios (likely non-emergency and emergency situations)

Each category of instruction includes a sign-off by the office and the training and final documentation that the officer was trained using the OJT checklist and within the required training time duration.

The OJT training process heavily relies on SecurAmerica’s comprehensive post orders that were developed at the time of our partnership launch with a client.  All checklists and testing instruments used in the training process are vetted and validated by client representatives and the actual officers working the posts, thus maximizing program legitimacy, stakeholder feedback and officer performance/effectiveness.

All officers/supervisors who are designated post trainers receive instruction in proper field training techniques and a detailed overview of SecurAmerica’s OJT post training certification process.

Post Certification

All SecurAmerica security personnel are certified in the post in which they will be assigned.  This certification process involves the completion of a comprehensive OJT checklist, an initial post knowledge test, weekly performance evaluations over the first 30 days of the officer’s deployment at a post and a final certification examination that blends complex scenarios and questions to assess the officer’s ability to know and apply routine and emergency concepts and protocols to actual and potential situations and circumstances.   At the end of the process and only after the officer has successfully completed all elements of training (and is finally reviewed by his/her post trainer or supervisor), the officer is formally certified to work the post for which they were selected.

Initial Post Knowledge Test

At the end of the OJT period and following completion of the OJT checklist, newly assigned officers are given an initial test to determine their initial knowledge of the post and associated responsibilities.  The test includes multiple choice and open ended questions along with scenarios to determine how the officer will react to routine, non-routine and emergency situations.    Each test is customized based on the site and post but is usually 20 to 25 questions that pose basic questions about the officer’s key duties and the property to which they are assigned.

Completed tests along with the OJT checklists are reviewed by the post trainer and shift supervisor to determine the new officer’s proficiency to stand the post in a solo assignment.  Any incorrect questions are addressed by the trainer and shift supervisor.  If necessary, an officer will be re-trained in the area(s) where they did not satisfactorily answer test questions.  Once re-training occurs (if any is required), the officer is certified for solo duty at the post for an initial period of 30 days.

Weekly Evaluations

Once an officer has been certified for initial post assignment, the officer’s performance is then evaluated weekly for four weeks by the officer’s supervisor(s) using a post evaluation form.  This evaluation will assess:

  • Competency on post
  • Knowledge of duties and responsibilities
  • Paperwork, reports and forms
  • Customer service
  • Safety
  • Understanding of emergency response procedures
  • Ability to successfully discuss actions in a routine and non-routine scenario
  • Demonstrated ability to use equipment properly
  • Image, demeanor and overall performance
  • Areas of strength
  • Areas of improvement
  • Required actions by the officer or the supervisor
  • Client management feedback, as appropriate and applicable

For each review category the officer is rated in one of three categories:  “Exceeds Expectations,” “Meets Expectations” or “Needs Improvement.”  Any deficiency noted is addressed and an action plan developed in concert with the site trainer and Account Manager.

Final Post Proficiency Examination

At the end of 30 days of solo post assignment, the officer is given a comprehensive examination to determine if the officer has the acceptable level of competency to permanently be assigned to the post. Exams present 15 to 20 scenarios along with related questions to determine if the officer can successfully apply post knowledge to various situations that are specific to the site, post and post duties.
Exams are administered and corrected by the officer’s supervisor.  Final certification examinations are developed during SecurAmerica’s transition process and reflect the requirements of the post and building.

Final Certification

Once all elements of SecurAmerica’s post certification process have been facilitated, the security officer is internally-certified to work the post to which he/she has been assigned.  No officer is allowed to work a post if they do not have this certification.  In order to maintain this certification, officers are required to pass an annual re-certification exam, successfully complete in-service/annual training and participate in monthly post training audits that are conducted by shift supervision.

On-Going Training

SecurAmerica works very closely with our client representatives to design a customized on-going training program for all officers.  Training takes the form of written material, computer-based training, desk top exercises, spot quizzes and assessments, training bulletins and special classroom sessions.  Core topics include:

  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Post orders/duties
  • Fire and life safety
  • Delivering legendary service
  • Crime awareness/deflection
  • Active shooter and workplace violence
  • Suspicious persons/activities/packages
  • Terrorism
  • Critical/emergency incident response
  • Report writing and communication

A training plan and calendar is developed each year and monitored on a monthly basis to ensure compliance and results associated with all training facilitated.

Specialized Training

Some clients require that our officers attend certain client-specified training or possess certification in areas such as first aid/CPR/AED, defensive driving, pepper foam/spray usage and similar programming.  These programs are either taught by SecurAmerica representatives, client representatives or are outsourced to external organizations (such as the American Red Cross).

Computer-Based Training

SecurAmerica offers computer-based training (CBT) to our employees as part of a required and optional training process.  Our officers are provided access the company’s e-learning portal called, the “SecurAmerica Interactive Learning System (SAILS).”  This system allows any employee anywhere in the world to access a host of fun, interactive and interesting courses on a 24-hour/7-day-a-week basis, including:

  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Legal Authority and Limitations
  • Liability Avoidance
  • Effective Report Writing
  • Communications
  • Effective Patrol Techniques
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Crowd Control
  • Courtroom Testimony
  • Safety
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Fire Protection/Detection Systems
  • Proactive Fire Prevention Patrol Techniques
  • Fire Extinguisher Usage
  • Defensive Driving (via National Safety Council)
  • Homeland Defense courses
  • Account and site-specific courses, including on-line post orders, post tests and monthly training topics

SecurAmerica’s interactive courses were custom-developed by adult learning development professionals who are noted experts in physical security, risk management and life safety concepts. Each CBT course includes narration, high intensity graphics, digital photography and imbedded interactive exercises and testing.  There is also a course quiz at the end of every program to assess the student’s retention of the material presented.  Since “SAILS” is internet-based, training managers and customers can download reports on usage and test scores.

SecurAmercia’s computer-based training programs reside on a Learning Management System (LMS) managed by Intellum, an Atlanta-base learning development company. The LMS serves as an external computer server and provides employees and customers with a cutting edge and unparalleled learning and knowledge-capturing source.  Using the LMS, we are able to store, create, manage and distribute, via internet and/or CD/DVD technology, proprietary and off-the-shelf basic and advanced training programming to our employees at work and at home.  This means that our officers can enroll in and be tested on a repertoire of result-driven programs at a time when it is convenient to them and in a method that much more learning and cost effective than traditional classroom programming.  They also are able access their own individual learning profile and download a transcript of all courses they have taken.

Using LMS technology, participants are tracked through test scores and documentation, particularly critical when managing compliance training requirements, such as CPR/AED; medical, chemical and emergency response training; or security officer driver’s and security licensing renewals.  The LMS also enables a region and account to store a variety of information – such as post orders, policies/procedures and other post or account documentation.  Reports can be generated showing an officer’s training and learning path, including instructor-led courses, on-the-job training, post test/exam scores and any annual training conducted along with their activity in accessing computer-based courses.    We also have the capability of internally creating customized computer-based courses based on the needs of our client or site-specific circumstances and training needs.

Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

SecurAmerica makes available to all operational management the opportunity to become “Certified Protection Professionals” or CPP through the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS International).  A CPP designation represents the pinnacle of achievement in the private security field.  The designation requires the candidate to meet or exceed very high standards and pre-requisites including, a certain level of years and background in the security industry, multiple references and the ability to pass an extremely grueling four-hour certification test that assesses the candidate’s knowledge of all aspects of physical, intellectual and personnel security.

More than 12,000 security professionals across the world have earned the designation of CPP. This group of individuals has demonstrated its competency in the areas of security planning, physical security systems, security solutions and best-business practices through an intensive qualification and testing program. As a result, these men and women have been awarded the coveted designation of CPP and are recognized as proven leaders in their profession.

The CPP designation and associated certification process is administered by the American Society for Industrial Security, the trade association representing the private security industry.  It is a designation that carries with it respect and prestige and will always stay with the individual certified no matter their future course of employment.  We are proud to financially sponsor our employees in obtaining this certification and, as a result, further developing their career potential at SecurAmerica or wherever their career leads them.

All managers who qualify for CPP designation are reimbursed all expenses associated with passing the CPP examination.

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